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August 31, 2010

Toy Wars (Star Wars by Toy Story)


What if the cast of Toy Story performs their own version of The Empire Strikes Back ? At once the idea could be sound a little bit ridiculous, but when you take a ride on the Okayaraman's photostream in Flickr, you'll conclude that the idea is simply spectacular. Merging these two popular themes and using the Toy Story Lego minifigs to remind us some of the best sequences and characters of the film The Empire Strikes Back it's just brilliant, and very well executed! I think this is one of the best ways to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. I'm really hope Pixar is looking for these Toy Wars characters... even if the saga Toy Story seem ended, a little Toy Wars adventure will be awesome (Georges, do not be too hard with the Lucas Film royalties).

Hereafter my favorites :

- The AT-BE (All Terrain Bullseye) and snowspeeder.

- Buzz Lightwalker vs. Darth Zurg : Toybi Wan has trained you well !

- Toy Hunters : IC-88 and Boba Fly

More @ Okayaraman's photostream 

All images on this post : © All rights reserved by Okayaraman
Toy Wars characters is an idea of Okay Yaramanoglu (a.k.a Okayaraman on Flickr).


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