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January 24, 2009

About this blog


Yeah, another blog... because 175,000 new blogs every day is not enough... Not enough for me and Zopenco. There are so many blogs that probably you will never comes here to read this words, or maybe you will arrive accidentally because you typed "Zestfully" in Google. In that case, just let me tell you that you are welcome, that you will learn a little more about Science, Physics, Mathematics and Technology. That's the final goal of this blog, but we are not only Nerds, we love music also, we love Star Wars and Science Fiction. So one day you will probably find a post about advanced propulsion concepts but next day you will read a music post or a post related to our favorites movies. Anyway, in this blog you will find maybe some interesting articles, maybe not. We don't reach money, spectacular statistics or a large number of readers. We only want to post for share some of our passions, our scientific spirits and nothing more. And if you think we are a little selfish, don't worry you have another 174,999 blogs to read :-)

Just another thing, our spoken language is not the English but french and Spanish, so if you think we wrote the Shakespeare's language badly, you're right ! We're very sorry. French and Spanish friends, don't worry, we will post some articles in your spoken languages.


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