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August 24, 2010

Tamaryn (dark music is not dead)



Tamaryn is a San Francisco based vocalist. Her music is absolutely gorgeous, somber and seductif; it hovers between dark (yet dreamy), tribal minimalism and lush post-punk grandiosity through musical elements of goth and pop. Her voice is both a weight against the current of reverb-drenched guitars and a floating ornament atop the driving drums that underpin her songs. Tamaryn is simply stunning calling to mind Siouxie Sioux, Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush.

Download now or listen on posterous
07_Dawning.mp3 (10804 KB)

Discography :
- Return To Surrender b/w Ashore 7" (2009, M'Lady's Records)
- Led Astray, Washed Ashore EP (2009, Troubleman Records)
- Weather War limited one-sided 7" (2009, Hell Yes! Records)
- Mild Confusion b/w Light Shadows 7" (2009, True Panther Sounds)
- The Waves (September 2010, Mexican Summer Records)


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