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January 26, 2011

Han Solo in Carbonite : Best Star Wars Wallpaper for iPhone


I took this picture in 2006 at the exhibition Star Wars :  L'Expo (Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris). I think it's just perfect as a wallpaper for my iPhone even if the size don't match exactly (actually the size of the photo is 640 x 800 pixels instead of 640 x 960 pixels).

Han Solo encased on Carbonite

Han Solo in Carbonite (encased on iPhone) 

You'll find a better pic of Han Solo in Carbonite @ MacEnsteph's Flickr photostream


January 25, 2011

Warm Ghost – Open The Wormhole In Your Heart


Warm Ghost is a Brooklyn-based electronic band composed by Paul Duncan and Oliver Chapoy. In generally I don't like very much the electronic music but this project is really good. When you check their other songs like "Claws Overhead" or "Ultimate Satisfaction" you can easily virtually move to a sound universe where the arrangement of 'cold wave synths, low frequencies, smart chord changes, minor scale drones, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious hooks' (cf. Adam Wills citation in Heaven's Adam) makes you remember some melodies of the 80's new wave, the synth pop from OMD or Depeche Mode.

Check the artistic video of "Open The Wormhole In Your Heart".

Open the Wormhole in Your Heart (lyrics)

A sun drives its rays down the road 
A sky breaks the rays into rows 
So chop me up i’m here to see inside 
Light laid on viscera and bone

Ditch my pride and let my body go
Cells collide and burst into a glow 
Picture frames and scenes i used to know
Say the word, i’d easily let them go

The sun hides its face ‘till the dawn
We’re left black as coal once it’s gone
So chop me up i’m here to bleed the light
Bright sprays of viscera and bone

Sun beds down, i loom back to a town
A lurid sky became an open mouth 
Blinking clouds are teeth covered in gold
It screams the words i needed years ago

More @


January 23, 2011

Some awesome iPhone wallpapers


Here after my selection of best images for your iPhone wallpaper. To download, click on image then "save as" on your computer or your iPhone.


January 11, 2011

Clare Maguire - The Last Dance (but not the last song !)


I told you few months ago on this blog
( that her voice is really amazing. An emotive and powerful voice, followed by deep and contemporary sounds. Today her voice, her songs and her videos are almost everywhere on the net and we can't no more wait to listen her debut album Light After Dark (released by Polydor next February 28th). She won the Q Award 2010 (Next Big Thing), she has been announced as 5th place in the "BBC Sound of 2011" and I hope this is the beginning of a successful year for this atypical artist who wrote her first song at seven years old. Now, 17 years later, "Hope There's Someone" reminds me the strength of Annie Lennox's voice, the first single "Ain't Nobody" transports me to Irish (or Celtic ?) lands, "You're Electric" from the Let's Begin EP it's a very well done pop song that makes me want to get up, leave the computer and dance with my beauty, and the second single "The Last Dance" it's, no doubt about it, it's all about emotion... By the way, I like also the burlesque version of Clare Maguire...

Check also the "Ain't Nobody" live version at

Click on image above to discover her official web site.


January 4, 2011

More images of 2011 Lego Star Wars sets


Images comes from January 2011 Lego catalog :


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