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March 18, 2010

Soma - Jewel And The Orchestra


It's not about the Smashing Pumpking's song, not even the song of The Strokes, it's just about good rock made in France...

This quartet has scoured the French scenes for ten years and self-produced an EP in 2009. This year their efforts are rewarded by the release of the first album "Jewel And The Orchestra", a pop-rock gem inspired by the Anglo-Saxon musical culture. In "Jewel And The Orchestra", Soma capture the savage sound and the "yeah-yeah" rock energy on both sides of the Atlantic, from the Killers to Supergrass, from Oasis to The Strokes, with the arrogance of Hives and the character of Smashing Pumpkins. "Get Down" is without doubt the best song of "Jewel And The Orchestra" but it's a shame that "Milk" (one of the songs of the EP) is not present here. Anyway, it's good to see that a french band can sing in Voltaire's language as well as in Shakespeare's language.


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