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March 5, 2010

Marina & the Diamonds : Oh sweet british diamond !


The British pop wakes up! Marina Diamondis (a.k.a. Marina and The Diamonds) delivers an impressive voice (almost authoritarian) but tinged with humorous texts and joyful melodies. Her debut full-length studio album, The Family Jewels, was released on 22 February 2010.

It must be said. Marina is not new. It began in 2007 with an extended EP called Mermaid Vs Sailor EP containing 6 songs. This was an EP CD-R made by hand by Marina and sold through her MySpace page. Only 70 copies were made.
In 2008 the Marina musical career began with a double-side single consisting of "Obsessions" and "Mowgli's Road". Her second extended EP "Crown Jewels EP" released on june 2009 introduces the awesome "I'm not a robot" and two other songs.
Her first album "The Family Jewels" released on 22 February 2010 has already sold 60,000 copies (source
Her voice, deep and powerful, her world shifted slightly, and her personality, unparalleled, complete this musical framework, sparkling, intelligent and highly addictive. Just pick one song and, trust me, you will not be disappointed.


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