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March 10, 2010

The end of Star Wars Miniatures game


There have been several questions lately regarding the future of the Star Wars Miniatures and Roleplaying Game and until now I haven't had definitive answers to give you. After a lengthy evaluation, Wizards of the Coast has decided not to renew the Star Wars license with Lucasfilm. We've had a long and fantastic run, but with the economic downturn, we have made the tough decision to discontinue our Star Wars lines.

The license officially ends in May this year, with WotC product available through August. In the meantime, we have awesome new products still coming your way. This week, we released The Dark Times minis and Galaxy of Intrigue RPG. We'll have more coming with Masters of the Force minis in April, which will have some of your most favorite characters along with rare creatures from the Dejarik Holochess game that have never appeared in our game. We'll also release The Unknown Regions RPG in April, which includes entirely new planets and mini-adventures for each world.

We are finishing the line with a bang so look for special programs at your local game store to stock up on favorite sets before they go into the vault. We will continue to support our Star Wars forums on the Wizards Community site so you can reach out and chat with us and other fans.

While I know the news is disappointing, we wanted to make this announcement as soon as possible and thank you for being such great fans. It's been a fantastic ride with the Star Wars community and working with Lucasfilm. We hope you enjoy the next several months of great products. You never know when we may circle back again!

Greg Yahn
Director of Marketing, Wizards of the Coast

"At least, we will have revenge". Finally the Dark Side of the Star Wars license has win. The Star Wars Miniatures game will end after the release of the 16th extension set Masters of Force. In 2009 the departure of Rob Watkins, developer of Star Wars Miniatures, was already a bad omen.. In the community of players and collectors of SWM, the disappointment is greater. Since 2004, the 16 SWM sets, the additional 5 packs (including the magnificent huge AT-AT), the set of Star Wars ships (Starship Battles) and the (highly prized) collection of promotional miniatures, made the happiness of a very specific public: the unconditional fan of Star Wars and also player of the war-games type. But let us be clear, since 2 or 3 years the game had reached a point where even small innovations on the powers and special abilities of the characters could no longer keep the same enthusiasm as the game started. This lack of innovation becomes very annoying when, in addition, the company Wizards of the Coast makes no effort to keep its customers in countries other than the USA. I speak of France, for example, where since the beginning of the SWM game, the budget for SWM was still ridiculous compared to expenses related to the game Magic. Thus, lack of funds, the last two National Championships SWM must take place in rooms graciously loaned by AJFV (Association fantastic game at Versailles). And I will not mention the price... a replica of a laser sword... Finally it may be a good thing that the game stops. Let's see if another company wants to pay royalties to LucasFilm, takes the game and gives it a new life. One thing is for sure, my wife is very happy with this news. Well, coincidentally I had already anticipated this move there in early 2010 when I had emptied my shelves and put all the figures in boxes.

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