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March 2, 2010

The end of KOTOR serie


After 50 issues the "Knights of the Old Republic" serie of Dark Horse Comics is ending. History begins on January 2006 in the first issue when Padawan Zayne Carrick discovers at the Jedi Academy of Taris his corrupt Jedi Masters in murdering his friends . Since this first issue John Jackson Miller has done an awesome job on the story, helped mainly by the artists Brian Ching and Bong Dazo.

Hereafter the list of issues (Title, Artists, issue number):

Crossroads, by Brian Ching et Travel Foreman, 0
Commencement, by Brian Ching et Travel Foreman, 1-6
Flashpoint, by Dustin Weaver et Brian Ching, 7-10
Reunion, by Brian Ching et Harvey Tolibao, 11-12
Days of Fear, by Dustin Weaver et Brian Ching, 13-15
Nights of Anger, by Brian Ching et Harvey Tolibao, 16-18
Daze of Hate, by Bong Dazo, 19-21
Knights of Suffering, by Dustin Weaver, 22-24
Vector, by Scott Hepburn, 25-28
Exalted, by Bong Dazo, 29-30
Turnabout, by Alan Robinson, 31
Vindication, by Brian Ching et Bong Dazo, 32-35
Prophet Motive, by Bong Dazo, 36-37
Faithful Execution, by Dean Zachary, 38
Dueling Ambitions, by Brian Ching, 39-41
Masks, by Ron Chan, 42
The Reaping, by Bong Dazo, 43-44
Destroyer, by Brian Ching, 45-46
Demon, by Brian Ching, 47-50

Final issue of "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" on-sale since Feb. 17th.

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