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March 17, 2010

Looking for very rares movies...


If you're looking for very rare (or ridiculous) movies maybe you must take a ride on is a site dedicated to very rare (and sometimes lost and ridiculous) movies. Their inventory is very limited (there are principally super-heroes movies) but you can find some "gems" like "Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 (DVD)" (the 1978 TV show that any Star Wars fan would forget) or the 1997 TV pilot of "Justice League of America". About the quality of DVD copies you may be a little disappointed, do not expect HD miracles... However, given the rarity and the age of the films, quality is quite correct. The DVD price is 11,99 USD and the shipping/handling price (progressive depending on the number of DVDs purchased) is very affordable. Two years ago I bought 2 DVDs and the feedback was very positive (fast shipping and proper packaging). I hope soon they will expand the catalog with more films.

Another site with a catalog very more important is but I have not yet tested it (I am a little bit apprehensive due to the fact that this site does not have a real shop, the order must be made by mail).


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