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February 5, 2009

Converting PDF files into image files with GIMP


Don't waste your time searching "pdf to jpg" on Google. With GIMP (freeware) you can easily convert pdf files into image files.

Whether we're doing a paper, a post for a blog, an article for a newspaper, a web magazine, or an academic report, in editing and formatting tasks, we are regularly confronted with the problem of converting a pdf file into an image file.There are many software on the Internet that allow you to convert pdf files into jpg, gif or png files. In most cases these software are not free. If they are free, there’re severe limitations (watermarks on images, pages number limited, adds, …). Don’t waste your time in searching “pdf to jpg” in Google, the solution is maybe already in your computer. Simply executes GIMP, then open the pdf file (be careful with the file name: avoid spaces and strange characters as è, é, à, … sorry for the French and Spanish people). Automatically GIMP asks you if you want to import the pdf. Take a look in options presented on the opened window and press “Import”. Then you can save each opened page of the pdf as you want. “Save as” jpg, gimp, png or any other option available.


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