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May 4, 2010

HTDA : How To Destroy Angels


First appearance of Trent Reznor since the end of Nine Inch Nails in the very new band "How To Destroy Angels". There's no much information about this band. Pitchfork indicates that "How To Destroy Angels" is Reznor's collaboration with his wife Mariqueen Maandig. The first single, "A Drowning" reminds us very well the typical sound and musical style of Nine Inch Nails (in fact, this song was mixed by Alan Moulder, who has worked with Nine Inch Nails in the past). The female voice of Mariqueen (formerly of West Indian Girl) gives a new freshness. This summer HTDA will release a 6-song debut EP... Wait and see...

Some videos about probably sequences and loops which we will found on the upcoming EP are available at

Download now or listen on posterous
htda-drowning.mp3 (17816 KB)

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