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May 2, 2010

Alan Moore... for Free


If you are looking for a comprehensive list of Alan Moore's works, I advice you to take a look on

You can also download for free some rare works (comics, text, original script excerpts) such:
  • Alan Moore contribution for the UK music paper Sounds from March 31st 1979 to March 19th 1983 (weekly comic strips).
  • Captain Airstrip One from Mad Dog #10 published in 1985 (5 page solo comic story of Captain Airstrip One).
  • Superman Protected Species (text) with illustrations by Bryan Talbot, published in the UK on The Superheroes 1984 Annual.
  • I was Superman's Double (text) with illustrations by Bob Wakelin, published in UK on Superman 1985 Hardcover Annual.
  •  Batman The Gun (text) with illustrations by Gary Leach, published in UK on Batman 1985 Annual.
  • Twilight of the Superheroes, a story proposal for DC which tells the story of the end of the DC universe as we know it.

... and more Moore @

In additon you can buy some comics and TPB.

Poster from Promethea #32


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